Friday, October 30, 2015

Proposed Trip to Mt. Diablo Summit - "Scouting Survey"

I took a ride up to the Mt. Diablo summit this afternoon (afternoon of Thursday, October 29, 2015) to 'scout' it for a trip there with the 55-Alive MeetUp group. First time I have ever been there.  I was impressed.
(Click on the map to enlarge it.)

Along the way, up above the 2,000 foot elevation road-sign, there were quite a few roadside picnic areas.  Some of them were in much better condition than others.  The views from the Livermore Valley Overlook, which had picnic tables but no restrooms nor running water were stunning:

Farther up, at the Juniper Campsite, there was another overlook that had an awesome view, too.  I don't have photos from that overlook, but the view from there is about 1,000 feet higher and is of the west to northwestern side of the mountain, while the above, of the Livermore Valley, is of the south to southwest side.

Just below the summit is the perfect picnic site, in my opinion.  Seems to me like it was only built within a matter of the past two or three years. It is even wheelchair accessible. It has running water and full restrooms (none of that "port-a-potty" type outhouse stuff, but real flush toilets and sinks).  Truly luxurious.

The summit has another parking lot and is home of the beacon "lighthouse," the Visitors Center, and the recently renovated Observation Deck.  The Observation Deck had been closed for awhile, but it reopened last year after being waterproofed and upgraded.

The parking lot for the "lighthouse" has some pretty good views as well. . . .  

There's also a .7 mile long hiking "loop trail" around the upper parking lot and the lighthouse.  I didn't have time today to take a stroll around it, but plan to do so on a visit I am planning to make with my friends from our 55-Alive MeetUp group on Saturday, November 21st.

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